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Welcome to Retsel's® Frequently Asked Questions Page. We hope the format is interesting and answers most of your questions. Please feel free to call or e-mail us if you have any suggestions.


Answer:  Put us to the test. Let us tell you more about why you get your money's worth with Retsel® grain milling equipment. This page is in response to all the questions and has been printed for the purpose of helping you understand why we are so exited about home flour milling and our products.


Back in 1962 when our original inventors were searching for the best in a household flour grain mill, we were impressed to look into the past for some solid facts. We found that the proven technique of a slow turning milling stone was already used for many centuries. Along came the principle of grinding the grain with the use of pressure between two stones, crushing and pulverizing the grain as it was fed through the milling chamber. In the old days, a different type of flour was obtained from this milling process than in today's high tech processing plants. Prior of the modern processing age, the skin or bran of the grain was ground along with the rest of the kernel.

In high-speed mills, these small particles are produced by the high speed motor which generate much higher temperature then the slow grinding Retsel® stone mills. The flour that came form the high speed mills comes out in the form of chunks or dust. Inevitably, no matter how you look at it, this is the first step toward the less desired “processed flour”. High speed and high friction temperature destroys the very goodness you are trying to achieve.

The flake type flour on the other hand, produced exclusively by Retsel® 43 or 93 RPM low temperature grain mills is much more superior simply because it’s “less processed” than the flour ground up in high speed mills. Retsel®’s flour is very "soft" to the feel, and when moisture is applied it absorbs completely and very rapidly. It’s grinding chamber temperature is about one fifth of that of the high speed grain mills. Simply put, the cooler the grinding temperature, the less precious vitamins are being destroyed in the process, thus more nutritious the flour. The health benefits of whole ground flour are discussed later in this article. Finally, a perfect stone face alignment is also an absolute must on Retsel mills to get a adjustable fine flour of your choice.

After long, expensive and deliberate tests and debates, we decided to reach into the past and bring the best milling principles ever devised. You will find these principles apparent in any stone flour mill bearing the Retsel® Brand Name. The Mil-Rite®, Mil-Master®,Little Ark® and Uni Ark® mills have won a warm place in the hearts of thousands of owners throughout the world.

If you are serious about a good, trouble-free home flour mill that will be with you for years to come, we recommend that you seriously consider a quality RETSEL® built mill for you or your family.


Answer: Cost of manufacturing is probably the simplest answer. There are currently no other companies willing to build a similar grain mill, meet our competitive prices and specifications. It’ is much easier and more economical to market a plastic economy grain mill made in a third world country than to invest many thousands of dollars in a product that will last many lifetimes. Die cast aluminum molds are very expensive and only a handful of companies can afford to purchase them. Competent personnel, automation, firm business practices and large capital investment make it possible for Retsel to build and sell you a quality mill at savings of $20 to $250 from comparable competitive products.


Answer: Flour mills manufactured by Retsel® Corporation have a unique warranty. We warranty parts and workmanship on all our non-commercial electric models for ten (10) full years. The warranty will be void when salt, popcorn and rice are ground in the machine. Retsel® also offers a lifetime service warranty on all hand mills manufactured in our plant. This part of the warranty covers both parts and labor, but does not include freight costs.

This warranty does not cover mills that have been dropped or abused, or used for milling things other than grains, seeds, or similar materials. The warranty will also be void if the mill is used for commercial application.

Additionally we offer a 30 day risk free return policy of most everything that we sell. This 30 day return policy starts 30 days after you receive the product from us. A full purchase price of the product, except the shipping costs, will be issued promptly to you if not 100% satisfied with our product or service. Special order items are not covered by this policy.

Try comparing this warranty! It is better than any other we know about.

HINT: You might be very surprised how few companies will actually stand by their "written warranty" obligation. It has been our experience that after about a year or two of purchasing a Grain Mill, it is very difficult, if not impossible to get any free service warranty work done on the product. You will be unpleasantly surprised that almost every time there will be a glitch or a gimmick in the fine print in the warranty so that that company will shirk their warranty obligation to their consumer. Many companies promise a lot, but deliver little. They guarantee the mill for a 10 years or even a lifetime, but only certain, parts (cheaper parts) are covered, i.e. milling heads and plastic canisters but not the electric motor. What’s the purpose of a lifetime or a 10 year warranty if the motor burns up only after a few hours of no-stop usage?

Before you purchase a mill from anyone, talk to a live person on the phone and specifically inquire about their warranty, ask if you were already a owner of their product. Specifically ask which parts are excluded from the warranty, applicable restocking fees, and the company’s return policy. This simple investigative strategy will quickly reveal to you the true integrity of that company. Then and not before, base your decision to purchase a product. Beware of Internet sites that slander and spread false claims about their competition online. Most of them are resorting to those desperate measures because they are barely staying afloat and have difficulty competing. Honest companies with integrity profit from the sales of their products and never resort to spreading gossip and innuendo to boost their sales.

Check their status with your local Better Business Bureau. Relying on anonymous blogs found on the Internet will rarely offer you any real help in selecting the product.. Many of them are posted by competition only to confuse and to slander the business that they are targeting. That’s why they are posted anonymously.

Finally, unless you are 100% trustworthy of the company, always use a credit card to purchase product over the Internet. A credit card gives you 100% security that no other form of payment can provide. Use other forms of payment only to companies that you can trust and done business with before. Lastly do not purchase from companies that are simultaneously listed on the Internet under different names, different web sites addresses and/or different phone numbers. Many times this type of deception is a invitation to trouble.


Answer: The cost of a good quality home flour mills might seem high. To someone who has never had one, they may wonder if they would ever use one enough to justify their investment. The truth of the matter is, if you plan to purchase one and leave it in the shipping box until some future time that "YOU MIGHT NEED IT," it will probably not be the best investment for you. But on the other side of the coin, if you purchase it, use it, and give it a fair chance to serve you, it will likely be one of the best kitchen investments you will ever make.

In selecting a mill don't cheat yourself by buying the cheaper imported mill on the market. Most of the import economy grain mills you find on the Internet only cost a few dollars to make in remote , third world country village sweat shops. They will only last you as long as a economy coffee machine- only a few dozen times. Instead, select one that is either American, German or Japanese made. It must be well suited for you and can be effectively used on most grains. It also must be priced somewhere within reason. Another words, you only get what you pay for. Any good quality mill will increase the value of your health, save you money in the long run, not mentioning the added flavor and nutritional food value.

When searching just for a hand mill, it might not be your best choice to spend several hundred dollars for one. No matter how much you spend for a hand mill, it still will be nothing more but a hand mill. It still will require your physical force to operate it. Some companies trick you to make you believe that by extending the handle, installing a massive cast iron wheel or double sealed stainless steel ball bearings (which are only used for for high speed electric motors) it will make them grind 70% easier then their competition's. This simply hog wash. Those promises are nothing more but to make you invest more money for unnecessary gadgets or features that are not needed. Most of those fancy contraptions are nothing more but just that, fancy unsubstantiated contraptions.

Just think about it. You can buy a bicycle in for $150.00 or you can also buy one that's a little fancier at your local bicycle dealer for $600.00. Both bicycles will perform about the same. One of them is just a little fancier than the other but they both have two wheels, a drive chain ,a frame with a seat. The same reasoning would apply when purchasing a hand mill. Unless of coarse you live in a ice cave in Antarctica, where your life will depend on that $600.00 hand mill, otherwise any quality made hand mill on the market for one third of that price should suit your needs just fine.

Quite frankly, we here at Retsel don’t really see a need for you to spend $600.00 plus for just a hand mill. After all a hand mill is just a hand mill. If you spend that kind of money you might as well buy a fully, enclosed electric mill. At least it will do the work for you!

This is a question that is asked often: How much money will I save when I buy a mill? The answer is difficult because it depends upon whether a person, a family, or a small group is depending on the machine.

As an example, our own 2011 study shows an average American family of four spends at least:

$4.00 per day for store bought bread

4.00 per day for store bought cereal

8.00 total per day

x30 days

$240.00 per month

X12 months or $2880.00 per year

By using a mill, you spend only: (figuring wheat at $35.00 per 100 lbs, plus eggs, sugar, salt, etc)

$.80 per day for wholesome bread

..30 per day for healthful cereal

..80 per day

X 30 days

$24.00 per month

X12 months or $288.00 per year

The average savings for bread and cereal alone is over $2500.00 per year! To use whole grains, beans, and seeds in other daily foods will reflect an even greater savings.

There are not many products on the market today that will pay for themselves in just a few months, and then continue to put money in your pocket and health on your table for many years to come.


Answer: We agree that our mills may not win the mill beauty pageant, however, we do not feel we need to apologize for their looks. Twelve custom colors suffice most of our customer’s needs. There are many sound reasons that prevent us from "dressing up our mills" even more. Here are just some examples:

(1) The cost increase of from $25 to $250 would be anticipated, depending upon what was done.

(2) There are no mills easier to clean and take care of than ours.

(3) Hand operation would be impaired.

Additional cost of the packaging and shipping a mill would add even more to the end cost for you.


Answer: For all general purposes, flour is flour, regardless of how it got that way. For centuries millers have ground flour in their larger slow-turning stone mills. This flour was superior to all other milling techniques and won respect as being the only way of doing the job right. Truth is that most stone mills will do a finer job grinding flour than most metal burr mills, and most stone mills will outwear metal burrs. Most of these high speed mills, whether metal or stone, turn at high speeds, causing excessive friction and heat, and in most cases, the quality of flour is compromised.

One of the great advantages of Retsel products is that our mills utilize a very slow turning stone or burr (45 or 90 R.P.M.)of modern design, yet work exceptionally well by implementing the slow-turning milling techniques that have been proven superior for many centuries. Why not own the best?


Answer: Retsel® Corporation, along with all "major" appliance manufacturers, avoids the use of wood and porous material in manufacturing a quality appliance. Besides the difficulty of cleaning the wood cabinetry, there is also the problem of the varnish or paint chipping off, loosening bolts in wood due to vibration and wood deterioration, especially around bolt holes over a period of time. We do not believe GENERAL ELECTRIC, SEARS, OR FRIGIDAIRE would consider making their enclosures or appliances out of wood.


If you read closely the claims by the majority of flour mill manufacturers, you will find that everyone claims they have the best and hardest stones on the market. When the real truth is examined, you may be surprised to find they are all true! The actual stone make-up of the majority of the mill manufacturers is exactly the same. Only the stone sizes and designs differ.

Until recently this was true with the Retsel brand mills, too. But now things have changed. Retsel® design engineers, with the aid of a major stone manufacturing company, have developed a patented new formulation that allows for a much harder bonding of the stone material. By changing the make-up of the stone in this manner, we have created an almost indestructible stone. The unique chemical composition about this particular material it can only be used on a slow turning machine and are ineffective on any other high speed mills.


Your prompt response was a good reflection of your company, and the product speaks for itself each time we use it.what a terrific cookbook! James Rittmann-West Bend, Wis.

Pastry fine flour, slow turning stones, warranty, reasonable price, quiet, no filters, no frills, supperior stone..We feel we have made a very good investment! Greg Prohl--Kent, Wash.

Your product is definitely outstanding, I have been in the natural food business for 14 years and I've been introduced to all types of mills. The Retsel® mill has the least chance to fail, as other mills do. Dr.Phillip Princetta-Blairsville,Canada.

No fancy gadgets--one should be in every home. Edgar Caughtrie--Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Price was right, no wood construction, looks indestructible. I love it; it's the best mill I've seen! Steven & Anita Hales-Ketchikan, Alaska

Brick house construction, no plastic, slow grinding. Keep up the good work-don't get cheap Mary Mauldin-Santa Cruz, Ca.

We're really enjoying our mill -- it's great! Thomas Miller --Mansfield, Ohio

I am very happy with mill -- you are to be congratulated on an exceptionally fine product! Evie McGetchin - Auburndala, Ma.

Comparison shopping on the Internet, talked to people with other mills. The Retsel®'s first impressions was very good - produced a very fine flour as compared with that milled by friends owning other brands of mills. Paul Mattinen -- Dryden, Ontario, Canada

I have been making my own breads for 40 years. You have sent me some beautiful and efficient equipment. Very high quality as well. Thank you. V.J. Mastropaolo -- San Jose, Calif.

Keep up the good work -- this looks and performs like an excellent mill and don't ever hide it in some type of cabinetry. Ted Grish -- Milpitas, Calif.

I have used the mill and it appears to be excellent. Only one disaster so far and that is the chocolate cake recipe -- no one likes whole wheat chocolate cake! -Dixie Fisher -- Huntington Beach, Calif.

I like your dedication to producing a quality item. Thank you for making it. Bonnie Ring -- Hayriver Northwest Territory, Canada

It's a strange event these days to find machinery for home use that can be serviced and expected to operate for a lifetime. Congratulations for making a machine whose beauty lies in it's unadored functionality. Mitiz---Bend, OR.

It's great!! And the bread is too!!

Sturt Carter---Wagga, N.S.W. Australia

The fact that the mills have no fancy coverings appeals to me. Result of fine product is of more value to me than decorations. Robert Collins---Georgetown, Indiana

We like the fact that you can run it manually in emergency. The Retsel® mill is the answer to our prayers.

Jeffrey Klawer--- Bataula, New York

I love the fact I'm grinding my own flour. Not buying it from a bulk barrel in a store and not knowing how many days, weeks or even months it's been sitting there. Having my own mill assures me I have the freshest flour I can possible get. I simply love this machine! Tea Jones---Pocatello, Idaho

Smooth, and quiet, easy to adjust grind. With both stone grinding heads and steel burrs heads, you can grind much more. That is mainly why I chose the Retsel mill. Dr. Robert Docken---Sacramento, California.


Answer: This is a question that has been the source of controversy in the milling business for a number of years. Even though there have been studies of the subject and the point has been proven -- both ways a number of times -- we contend that excessive heating of the dry kernel of grain will cause damage. Some companies feel that if you have to heat the flour to bake it, that heat during milling should not hurt anything. What they fail to tell you, however, is the simple fact of moisture. Moisture is essential to baking and shields the germ oil and vitamins from intensive heat while the flour is being baked in the oven. As an example, try this experiment.

Put one kernel of wheat in a cup of water and let it soak overnight. Take it out of a cup, insert a straight pin in the kernel and strike a match under it and let it burn until the outside is burnt black. Notice that the flame or the heat does not penetrate the kernel. Now take a dry kernel and put a match under it for about the same time as you did under the soaked kernel. Notice how the dry kernel burns like a stick of wood? Now put both kernels of wheat on a sheet of paper and cut them open. You will find the kernel that was dry has completely burned up, essentially destroying all of it's nutrients within, thus making it virtually worthless. The presoaked kernel on the other hand has only the shell blackened, even though the same amount of heat was applied to both kernels. This simple experiment demonstrates that during the baking process, the moisture from the water added to the recipe protects the delicate valuable nutrients within. We wish you would try this experiment to see for yourself. The outcome is simple: the process of milling whole wheat flour in a slow turning flour mill does not "burn" the flour as much as the "SUPER SONIC" impact mills. Those high speed impact mills heat up the dry flour to more than 150 degrees. At that high temperature, many delicate vitamins and other nutrients are essentially being destroyed, making the flour less nutritious even before the flour is being baked. This is the inevitable the beginning of the "processed" flour that we should avoid at all costs.

Thus the proverb: " The whiter the bread, the sooner you are dead."




Answer: Retsel® Corporation has been a leader in stone hand flour mills for many years. We have designed, patented and manufactured a complete line of grain mills just for you. We built an efficient hand mill. We then motorized and compacted it into a very useful line of electric milling machines that really work! Then we adapted the handle from the manual mill into the electric mills as well so a person can use it by if it become necessary. Finally we tested the manual operation on the electric Mil-rite with great results! It performed as good or better as the manual mills.

There are no other companies in the world that make a electric grain mill that is fully adaptable to manual operation at this time. There is one very simply reason for that: it’s simply to expensive.


Answer: Most people enjoy the quiet smooth vibration-free operation, the lack of duct, and the simplicity of the machine. Ease of cleaning ranks high in customer favorites, and of course REAL hand adaptation of the electric units is a popular feature as well. We are sure you will have a list of reasons of your own when you get your Retsel®-built mill.


It is easy to see and understand the very true and simple advantages of owning a Retsel®-built mill. The facts are in - let's compare:

1. SLOW SPEED LOW TEMPERATURE MILLING Quiet, vibration, dust-free operation, plus producing better flavors and getting more value out of your grains. If for some reason you were to walk away during the grinding session, no worries. The Mill will continue to turn for hours without any grain with absolutely no damage to the motor or the grinding wheels. The grinding plates were engineered to loosen up if the mill were to run out of grain.

2. MANUAL OPERATION THAT REALLY WORKS To assure their usefulness during any emergency even when the electricity is out.

3. ALL METAL CONSTRUCTION...Giving many years of trouble-free service.

4. SIMPLE DESIGN...For easy operation, being easy to clean, and easy to maintain.

5. EASY TO OWN It pays for itself in the long run. Because a Retsel ®mill will save you more than what you paid for in a few short months.

(6) A BETTER WARRANTY...To assure service if something does goes wrong. A live person on the Internet 24/7 alone is a service no one can match.

(7) COMPACT SIZE...For convenience in using and storage.

(8) COMPLETELY ADJUSTABLE ...To allow for a wide variety of milling capabilities.

(9) CONVERTABILITY...Most of the mills are designed to accept attachments for a variety of uses.

(10) A COMPETENT REPUTATION...As tens of thousands have been built and are in service throughout the world, the owners of Retsel® mills continue to praise them, telling and selling them to their neighbors, which is an advantage over our competition.


A GRAIN MILL is a fantastic household investment. It allows a family to buy grains in bulk, thus saving money. By grinding grain only when you need it, your flour is always fresh and nutritious. Moreover, a mill allows you to try all sorts or unusual flavor and textures. A grain mill however can be a difficult item to locate. Most are sold through mail-order catalogs. Seldom there is a chance to see one firsthand, see how it is made, or to watch it in action. Few people have them and you'll probably be hard pressed to find a neighbor with one. Good thing for the Internet, now with only a mouse click away, you too can test one out risk free!


Chemical reactions happen more easily at higher temperatures. The higher the temperature during the grinding process, the more vitamins and nutrients are destroyed in the flour.


In an electric mill, stones are preferred over steel burr plates because they grind finer, produce less heat at finer settings, and wear better. Unlike commercial milling, nothing is sifted off in de-germing process when you use Retsel® mills. No additional nutrients are added to the flour to compensate for it's nutritional inadequacies, a process known as "enriching". When you use the Retsel® mill, the entire grain is ground up, thus all of it's healthy elements are being used by your body. A finer grind exposes more surface area, therefore more vitamins and minerals can be assimilated during digestion. But on the other hand, when bran is shattered to fine powder inside of the high speed micronizer chamber, it loses some of its effectiveness as a fiber. It is advisable therefore to grind the flour at a moderate texture with a slow turning wheel, thus preserving as much of the insoluble fiber as possible. By insoluble fiber retained by the slow grinding Retsel mill has the "cleaning power" in your digestive track. The high speed micronizing grinder do not have that ability.

It is recommended that the bran, the best overall water binder in digestion per unit of material eaten, be consumed in crude form. It has two to three times the water-holding power of fine bran.

The Retsel® Mil-Rite™ has an appealing calm about it. It is geared down to grind slowly, delivering flour at a steady, cool 115 degrees F. The hopper is large enough to keep it busy without constant attention, though you may just want to watch the flour as it gently falls from the stones into your bowl. If for some reason you were to walk away during a grinding session, no worries. The mill will continue to turn for hours without any grain with absolutely no damage to the motor or the grinding wheels. The grinding plates were engineered to loosen up if the mill were to run out of grain. There's no dust flying, so no need for a cabinet. It requires no more cleaning than a light dusting. The stones or burrs can easily be removed for cleaning. The stainless steel burrs can be washed in your dishwasher. The stones should not be soaked in water and no special care is required to keep them clean. If any additional cleaning of the stones should be required, please follow this simple procedure:

1.Remove all the remaining grain from the funnel, and the chamber of the mill.

2.Tighten the stones with the black adjustment knob until they barely touch. 3. Pour one to two dry cups of rice into your hopper and allow the machine to grind it up on a courser setting. The rice is hard and dry enough to scrape off any deposits, oils, contamination and glazing from your stones. Do not over tighten the machine while you are doing this. The rice is dry and hard and will generate to much heat if allowed to be ground for extended period of time. Let the stones cool off after this quick "cleaning" and you should be ready for another batch. Repeat if necessary. If you happen to accidentally pour oil, butter or grind peanuts with the stones, do not be concerned. Simply return the soiled stones back to our factory and we will be glad to steam clean and dry them for you at no charge. The stones fitting the Mil-Rites® are guaranteed for 10 years and the hand mill stones are good for lifetime. Most our products assembly and testing facilities are located here in McCammon, only a phone call away. In no time, we will have your mill back in order! Please read our written warranty section on this web site to check the unbeatable warranty that no one else offers.

The Mil-Rite™ grinds more slowly than high-speed cabinet mills, but because there were no stops for dumping the receptacle or adjusting the stone setting during the ten-pound grind, the real grinding time, 31 minutes, compared to the 24 minute grind achieved with high speed micronizing mills. The Retsel® mills take the hand grinding adaptation seriously. A gear can be removed from the Mil-Rite™ so you're not turning the motor too, which is an exclusive feature. The steel powder coated crank is extra long for added leverage. Since the Retsel™ mill is made to be most productive at slow speeds, cranking by hand is much faster compared to any other grain mills. Because of the expensive chrome plated helical gears inside of the gear box, stainless steel ball bearings, computer designed housings,and the gear box already utilized by the our electric mills, operating a Retsel® Mil-rite™ by hand is probably easier that any other hand mill on the market today.


The idea in grain mill design is milling grain between two slow turning stones. The low speed, low temperature milling process protects the valuable and delicate nutritients of the natural grains, a feature we knew you might want. All of our mills are built with these slow turning features and we make them simple and easy to understand and use. We left out the noise and vibrations so they operate with just a whisper. We left off the frills of wood grain, stainless steel drawers, chrome plating, high-speed micro burst milling chambers and so forth. There is one thing, however, we did not leave out of our mills. And that is "MUSCLE". Our motors and gear components are made to specifications that meet or exceed those required by factories and industries. Our milling stones or stainless steel burrs are the result of expensive research and development, wherein we have created an almost indestructible materials that will rarely have to be replaced or serviced under normal usage. The tempered brass feed augers on our machines will never wear out. We sincerely feel that we have designed and build the best home flour mill in the world! We know that our concept is different and our ideas in grain milling is also different. We feel that powder coated aluminum construction is superior to wood or plastics, and we don't feel that a mill has to gulp large quantities of grain to be good. As you seriously ponder your families needs, and look over this web site, that you fully consider the merits of a RETSEL®BUILT MILL. A mill that will be part of your family for years to come.