We stock 95% of all parts that were ever made in our facility. We also service all mills that were assembled in our facility. If you would like to receive a quote for any of the parts simply e-mail us to service@retsel.com and we will be glad to forward  instructions or a quotation to you. If you do not have a part number from the actual part in possession (most Retsel parts have a number imprinted on them) then you may also e-mail us the picture of the part that you are trying to obtain. Depending on the type of part, our service tech may request for you to send the part to us for exact comparison. Due to very high tolerances on some of our precision parts, especially gears and grinding wheels, in many cases we will request for you to send the part or the complete mill to our physical address in order to offer you a written quote.

Please ship your parts or mill, insured and freight prepaid, preferably using United Parcel Service (UPS) to the following address: