Top 10 reasons to buy our Retsel products through our web site:

1.Our website is 23 years old, and always online. We have 4 backup servers registered with different providers, impossible to crash under any circumstances.

2.We are professional with these tools and we are a reliable company.

3.We have professional engineers on our team.

4.We have our own manufacturer. 100% American made.

5.Fast delivery.

6.Many customers buy from us, you can check real reviews, just rest assured to buy directly from our webiste if possible to get the best price. No third party charges.

7.Retsel items are very good quality. Almost 70 years in continuous business

8.We package our items safely and securely.

9.Safe purchase, and your privacy is secure. Everything ships UPS insured, zero risk to you.

10.We provide excellent return warranty , and free technical services forever.

If you are interested in selling or promoting our products, both domestic and International, please e-mail us and we will have a representative return your call. By buying directly from our factory you will be buying at wholesale prices. This allows us to offer you great savings along with superb service not matched by any manufacturer in the industry. Our company offers quantity discounts for church groups, communities and/or non-dealership accounts with very attractive discounts. Please don't hesitate to let us know what your needs are and our sales representative will try to accommodate you. The quickest way is to use our secure shopping cart at to receive a quotation.  Simply order the type and quantity of item(s) you wish to get quoted and select check or money order as payment and submit your order. You should get a quotation from us within one business day. To activate your quotation and it’s terms, simply send us a payment to our secure mailbox address in Pocatello, Idaho.

We are very selective who resells our products on the Internet and we keep very high standards to all our dealers. In order to qualify to become a dealer or a reseller of our products we usually require you to have the following:
1. A store front operation with regular business hours. Please note: a Internet domain name or a web site with a physical address does not constitute a store front. A store front constitutes a physical location with regular business hours with employees.
2. Your federal E.I.N. (Employer Identification Number) and a resale tax certificate from your state or country for tax purposes if you are located in USA. We will forward to you the proper forms to fill out.
3. Complete credit application may be requested.

 The following discount is available to all individuals or businesses purchasing our products. Please note our free delivery policy below.

This schedule may change at any time due to stock market investments, production requirements, market demands or other factors beyond our control.

Buy 2 or more of the same make and model, combination of any color: deduct 8 %
Buy 3 deduct 10% off regular retail price listed on our web site
Buy 4 deduct 15%
Buy 5 deduct 20%
Buy 10+ deduct 25%
Buy 30+ deduct 30%

Above discount applies to complete mill packages only, it does not apply to parts, grains, accessories, tools, generators, containers, etc. All our grain mills are individually packaged for instant resale
No additional discount, including cash discounts are applicable with this offer. Additional shipping handling fees may apply depending on type of quotation issued, destination etc. Check or money order in US funds only for this offer and all shipping costs must be paid with this offer, with the free delivery exception below.

We provide free delivery with our company delivery truck for up to 250 travel miles from our factory for any grain mill orders totaling over $1500.00
This would include all neighboring states: Idaho,Utah,Montana and Wyoming.
Unless otherwise quoted in writing, all quotes automatically expire in 30 days from the date of our quote issuance if complete payment is not made.
All incomplete or expired quotes are permanently deleted from our database after 10 days.
If you are interested please e-mail us to  attention John.

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