Updated 05-10-2024

We are currently running a 10%  sale for Veterans only on all RETSEL electric grain mills if you pay with check including Paypall, worldwide delivery, except Australia.

Top 10 reasons to buy our Retsel products through our web site:

1.     Our website is 33 year old, and always online. We have 4 backup servers registered with different providers, impossible to crash under most circumstances.

2.     We are professional with these tools and we are a reliable company.

3.     We have professional engineers on our team.

4.     We are our own manufacturer. 100% American made.

5.     Fast delivery world wide except Australia and Africa.

6.     Many customers buy from us, you can check real reviews, just rest assured to buy directly from our web site if possible to get the best price. No third party charges.

7.      Retsel items are very good quality. Almost 70 years in continuous business

8.     We package our items safely and securely. 

9.     Safe purchase, and your privacy is secure. Everything ships insured, zero risk to you.

10.    We provide excellent 60 day return warranty on most products and free technical services forever where you are the original purchaser or not. No risk to you.

Why buy a over prized, knockoff import grain mill from China or India without a reliable fresh source of grain from your vendor?  We have tons of grain for you all year round. It completely deceives it's purpose of purchase a grain mill only without a reliable source of grain in time of need.

By purchasing a knockoff grain mill  from China and India you are not supporting our country's economic independence.

We are here to serve you when you need us the most.

Number of visitors today 1235 Number of grain mills sold past 30 days 156                                                                                                                                                        
There has been a substantial increase of 220 volt Mil-rite sales in the past few months.
Please feel free to e-mail us anytime with any questions.
Thank you for your continuous support of American Made products for the  past 60 years and have a fantastic spring and summer season from our  family to yours.